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Integrate with Woocommerce
Plannedadded 2 months ago
24votesVote Up
Yandex Kassa integration
Integrate with Yandex Kassa (Russian payment system)
Newadded 4 months ago
22votesVote Up
Discount coupon
Opportunity to apply a
Plannedadded 3 months ago
20votesVote Up
Custom type of employee schedule
Specify the employee's working days manually with custom date and time
Newadded 2 months ago
15votesVote Up
Register a customer
Register a customer as Wordpress user after booking with role - customer
Newadded 2 months ago
15votesVote Up
Zelle payment
Integrate with Zelle payment method
Newadded 4 months ago
5votesVote Up
Overnight time selection
Overnight time selection for multiple hour booking across 12pm to morning, for example 11:00 pm to 2:00 am
Newadded 2 months ago
3votesVote Up
Integrate with Mercadopago Payment (Argentine)
Newadded 2 months ago
3votesVote Up
Discount price
Add discount price field in the service
Newadded 1 month ago
3votesVote Up
Integrate with WorldPay Payment
Newadded 3 months ago
3votesVote Up
Square integration
Integration with Square payment
Newadded 4 weeks ago
1votesVote Up
Recurring appointment
Book an appointment and pay once for several recurring appointments (something like a subscription)
Newadded 2 weeks ago
1votesVote Up
Export appointments to CSV
Export appointments to CSV file
Addedadded 4 months ago
Add Google reCAPTCHA v2 
Addedadded 4 months ago
Individual time slot duration
Individual time slot duration for each employee.
Addedadded 4 months ago
Stripe integration
Integrate with Stripe
Addedadded 4 months ago
Employee profile page
Make for each employee a profile page
Addedadded 3 months ago
Assign an employee to WP user
Assign user WordPress to the employee profile with the ability to edit only their profile
Addedadded 2 months ago


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